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How It Works

Each listing under each category will have a description of the animal with up to 4 photos and a video.  The seller, after logging in, will enter all the information that they wish to describe the lot and after it is proof read by site administrator it will be listed and fees collected through a secure program.  The prospective buyer will contact the seller through the email or phone number listed with each lot.     After the paid term is up, the listings will be removed from site.



1 Head - $100/month
4 Head - $300/month
7 Head - $500/month
10 Head - $700/month
15 Head - $800/month


  5 Head - $175/2 weeks
10 Head - $300/2 weeks
15 Head - $400/2 weeks
20 Head - $500/2 weeks

5 Head - $250/month
10 Head - $400/month
15 Head - $500/month
20 Head - $600/month


$100/boar, for 3 months


$75/boar for 1 month


$1 for 1 day


$100 for 1 month


How to register for Showpigsforsale.com

  1. Click “Register” and create your own personal showpigsforsale.com account to access your MY ADS Dashboard
  2. You will create a profile of your information, create a password, and accept the Terms & Conditions of showpigsforsale.com
  3. Once you register, you will have created your MY ADS Dashboard where you can purchase, create, and manage your ads

How to Purchase Show Pig, Bred Gilt, Boar, or Semen Ads

  1. To purchase Ads, select the purchase ads link on your MY ADS Dashboard or select Buy Ads link at the top of the page
  2. These links take you to the Purchase Ads page, where you can select various Show Pig, Bred Gilt, Boar, or Semen Ads
  3. Once you select the number of head to list, select BUY NOW and you will be directed to showpigsforsale.com secure Pay Pal site to submit payment for Ads
  4. Once payment has been received, log in to your showpigsforsale.com account to manage and submit your Ads to the For Sale page
  5. To request custom orders, contact us at showpigsforsale@gmail.com

How to post Ads to the For Sale page

  1. From your MY ADS Dashboard, all available Ads will be displayed, showing the Name, Expiration Date, Ad Type, Ad Status, and the ability to Edit or Delete
  2. To submit Ad to For Sale, select Edit to create or update the Ad’s information
  3. Fill out the animal’s information and provide a description
  4. You can attach up to 4 photos and you can even embed a YouTube video into your Ad
  5. Copy and paste the YouTube video link into the Video Link field
  6. Once all required information is complete, you can preview your Ad, then save and send for approval to submit the Ad to the For Sale page
  7. Showpigsforsale.com will review the Ads and then post them to the For Sale page
  8. Once an Ad posts to the For Sale page, an Ad expiration date will be assigned

How to obtain a Homepage Ad

  1. Contact us at showpigsforsale@gmail.com and we can work with you to create a custom Homepage Ad for your farm, business, or sale listings